“Of all the Attys I have worked with, I connected with you the best. If I need to have work done in the future, I would like that to be with you. Its not often enough I meet someone I feel I can trust. And I do feel that from you. So I will be giving out your work number to friends in need of your skills. Thank you.”
– Jason W

“I had a great experience with Lindsay. He was very easy to communicate with and helped me cover all my bases with my divorce. His knowledge and experience was just what I needed to help get everything squared away and finalised.”
– Sara D

“I am happy to write this review for Mr. Soto and recommend him for his legal services. During a very troublesome time for me, I was reassured by Mr. Soto by his respect for my situation and feelings taking the time to keep in contact as things were proceeding along. He actually returned my calls in a timely manner and asked me questions as to the way I would like to proceed and made good suggestions. His follow up was a nice touch too.”
– Caleb O

“I would give Lindsay Soto a 5-star rating. I have used his office on multiple occasions and the experience has always been very professional. Lindsay is a very highly knowledgeable and competent attorney, and is always willing to answer his client’s questions. Lindsay will always be up front with you and will give you sound advice. I would definitely recommend using his law office to friends and family.”
– Tori C

“I have not rated my experience with the stars because they refer to my experience being completed and that is not my case. I wanted to participate in this review because if there are any grandparents out there that need help, Lindsay Soto would be who you would want to go and speak with. It is nice to have someone take your case because they believe you are in the right and not just because they want your money. It is also nice that your grandchildren are heard. I am a person that documents everything and is constantly concerned and questioning things. I was emailing Lindsay one night about 11:00pm and at 11:20pm I received an answer to my email. I think you can get where I am coming from with this review. My two grandchildren and I have and continue to be heard and taken care of.”
– Cindy M

“I had hired the law office of Lindsay Soto to review some court documents regarding the custody of my son before filing with the courts. Mr. Soto was professional and informative in addressing all of my concerns. I recently solicited the advice of Mr. Soto on a time sensitive matter pertaining to my case and his response to my inquiry exceeded my expectations. I took his advice now my time sensitive matter is no longer a concern. Thanks again Lindsay!”
– Darrel D

“Lindsay Soto is a great attorney. He always kept me in the loop on what was going on. He accomplished things I failed at on my own. He would call me or email me with information or changes in my case. I would highly recommend him. He is a go getter and works great for his clients.”
– Sandra C

“Mr. Soto was very helpful and knowledgeable. Prices were good and he was very fast in handling my affairs.”
– Aaron R

“He is very thorough and knowledgeable. This is the second time I have detained Lindsay as my lawyer, and if needed, would use him again.”
– Jennifer L