Reaching a Custody Agreement When Parents Live in Different States

When a child’s parents are separated or divorced and live in different states, maintaining close bonds with both parents can become complicated. Even if both parents have agreed to peacefully work towards what is in the child’s best interest, reaching an official custody agreement is complex when there is significant distance involved. The court must determine which state has jurisdiction and how to divide time fairly between each parent without disrupting a child’s life.

Determining Which State has Jurisdiction

If a formal custody agreement has not been put in place, the court will first need to determine which state has jurisdiction in your custody case. Typically, if the child has been living in one spot for six months or more, that state will be deemed their home state. If the child has not lived in one place for six months or more, that court will take a look at their connections within each state. Typically, wherever the child has the most significant connections will be deemed their home state.

Reaching a Custody Agreement

If both parents are in good standing, the court will work to create a fair custody agreement. In many cases, this still means the child will spend much of their time in their home state, especially if they are enrolled in school. In some cases, when one parent is not following court orders, their custody rights will be revoked and full custody will be given to the other parent.

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