Navigating Disagreements Over Parenting Practices

If you are co-parenting with your ex-spouse, you know just how difficult it can be to navigate any disagreement over how your child should be parented. When you were married, you and your ex had an interest in working towards compromise for the well being of your children and your marriage. Now that you are divorced, you may find that it is increasingly difficult to come to an agreement, especially if significant tension still exists in your relationship with your ex-spouse.

Navigating disagreements over parenting practices is hard work, but there are a few practices that can make this difficult situation a little easier.

Focus on the best interests of the child. During the emotional upheaval of a divorce, there may be temptation to allow your personal feelings to cloud your judgement when making parenting decisions. If you and your ex-spouse can prioritize your child’s well being, you will find it easier to compromise on parenting decisions.

Don’t fight every battle. Some parenting decisions are bigger than others. If you can prioritize those above all else, you may find it easier to compromise on smaller issues like whether or not your teenager is going to dye her hair or if their curfew should be nine or ten on school nights.

Hire an attorney if things get worse. In some cases, you may feel your child’s well being is in jeopardy because of the choices being made by your ex-spouse. If this is the case, an adjustment to your child custody arrangement may need to be made in order to protect their safety or emotional health. If this is true of your circumstances, an experienced family lawyer can help you prepare to address this disagreement in court.

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