My Child Was Arrested for Shoplifting, Now What?

As parents, we do our best to teach our children the difference between right and wrong. Even so, our teens may fall in with a bad crowd, or make a poor choice during a difficult time of their life. If your child has been arrested for shoplifting, we know this is a time filled with anxiety. There are many decisions to make in order to protect your child and make sure they are treated fairly in court.

When their child is in trouble, parents often come to us wondering what they should do next. Here are a few essential pieces of advice we give to every parent.

Be present during every interaction with the police. As your child’s guardian, it is your right to be present anytime the police want to talk with your child. Instruct your child to ask for you anytime they are approached by the police.

Do not allow your child to talk with the police. Whether or not you are present, your child should never have a conversation with the police. This is because the words that they say can be used to accuse them of a crime they didn’t commit, or as evidence that could worsen the consequences of their shoplifting arrest.

Hire a good attorney. If your child’s arrest seems cut and dry, it may seem best to rely on a public attorney. The truth is, a public attorney does not have the resources or time that a private lawyer specializing in juvenile law has. Hiring an experienced and professional attorney may be the key to proving your child’s innocence or securing a reduced sentence.

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