My Circumstances Have Changed, How Can I Modify my Child Support Payments?

Even if you and your ex negotiated a perfect child support agreement after your divorce, circumstances can change in one or both of the parents’ lives. In some cases, the needs of the children will change, and the custodial parent may require more support to meet these needs. In other cases, as the parent paying support, you may find you are no longer able to maintain the agreed upon payments due to a personal crisis or loss of a job.

Child support payments can be modified. Typically, modifications must be made in court. However, if a cost of living clause was included in the original agreement, some changes may be made outside of court. When working inside the court, it is important to be sure you are filing within the right court to further the chances of having your request granted.

If you are the parent paying support and you are no longer able to make child support payments, it is crucial that you pay as much as you can and that you follow the guidelines for payment set in the agreement. When you try your hardest to comply with the payment guidelines, a judge is more likely to look at your case with favor compared to if you stop making payments altogether.

The truth is, making modifications to child support or child custody agreements is a complicated process. With the help of an experienced family lawyer, you may be able to expedite the process and avoid mistakes that could inhibit your request from being granted by a judge. To learn more about hiring the Law Offices of Lindsay Soto to help you make modifications to your child support payments, click here or call 503-315-7344.