My Teen Was Arrested for Possession, What Should I Do?

It is common knowledge that the teenage brain is not fully developed. Until your child reaches adulthood, their behavior and emotions will show off the immaturity of their brain. Brain development is actually the explanation for most of the risk taking we see so commonly in our children during the teenage years. Unfortunately, some teens take the risk taking way too far, trying drugs or alcohol simply because they are curious or because they are feeling pressure from their friends. If your teen was arrested for possession of an illegal substance, their reckless behavior may become a part of their permanent record.

Even if your teenager is obviously guilty of the crime they were arrested for, it is important that their rights are protected in court. As a parent, the only way you can be sure your child be protected from a punishment that is too harsh, or having their rights violated, is by hiring a juvenile defense attorney right away.

Dealing with a juvenile delinquency case requires extensive knowledge of the juvenile courts and experience working with possession charges. Not all lawyers have the experience and resources necessary for these types of cases. An inexperienced or under-educated lawyer could put your child at risk for harsh sentencing that will negatively reflect on his record and change the course of his future.

Delinquency during the teenage years does not have to affect the rest of your child’s life. Hire an experienced juvenile defense attorney who can guide your child and your family through the juvenile court system and work with the prosecution to reduce charges.

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