How Social Media Use Can Affect Your Custody Case

While navigating a custody case, there are several things to consider which could be used against you. Any negative choices, or even things which could possibly be shown in a negative light, could be used as evidence in the case deciding your custody and child support agreements. In recent years, as technology has become more ingrained in our everyday life, we have seen an increase in the use of social media as a form of evidence.

For most of us, our social networking accounts have become one of our primary forms of communication. We share our life with our friends, near and far, through pictures and words. There is nothing inherently wrong with using social media. However, because we can post instantaneously, it has become easy to share things without thinking through their impact on our life.

This is true in all of our lives, but even more crucial to consider during a custody case. One decision, when not properly thought through, could change the entire trajectory of the judge’s decision. Continue reading to learn how social media can affect your custody case.

— Uploading pictures of new purchases which could be considered lavish or unnecessary; this could be used to affect the decisions being made concerning child support.
— Posting pictures of yourself drinking with friends, or referencing any alcohol or drug use within a status update or tweet, could be used as evidence against you and your ability to make responsible decisions.
— Using dating sites which have a negative reputation for soliciting hook-ups could be used as evidence against you, bringing into question your decision making skills and the people you may bring into your child’s life. Also, if your profile has a status of single and no kids, this is looked at negatively by the judge.
— Sharing information regarding a new relationship, when you have not yet legally separated from your spouse can be especially incriminating in family court.
— Posting anything out of anger, especially if there is a threat of violence or irrationally destructive behavior included.
— Using your social media as an avenue for publicly venting about your spouse and the case can be used against you in your custody case.

Things to Consider When Using Social Media During Your Custody Case

Before using social media while you are in a custody case, always consider how the information you may share could be twisted by someone who wants to tarnish your reputation. Never assume your privacy settings will protect you, as any of your facebook friends could simply screenshot anything you post and provide it to your ex-spouse. Don’t delete incriminating posts in hopes of hiding them from the court. If someone becomes aware that you have been deleting things, it could look suspicious, like you have other things to hide.

Lastly, always talk with your family lawyer if you have concerns or questions about your social media use. The Law Office of Lindsay Soto is here to guide you through each decision you make, advising you on anything which could impact the outcome of your case.

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