Common Issues about Divorce

There are several aspects to why people divorce, and it is important to be aware of every factor that relates to this issue among married couples. Here, you will learn more about some concerns that exist with people who decide to end their marriage to prevent this from happening.

In the United States, the rate of divorce among couples reaches over 50 percent. However, the highest recorded percentage of divorce is in Belgium, where at least 75 percent of marriages end up in separation. Chile has the lowest rate, along with Japan. Moreover, it has been observed that when partners cohabitate or live together prior to marriage they have a higher risk of separation after they get married. Certain other factors are noted to affect separation of partners such as age difference, religion, poor communication, boredom, lifestyle, sexual concerns and money.

Divorce can be categorized as either “no-fault” or “fault-based.” Generally, when the break up of a marriage is due to one of the partner’s own mistakes, then this is referred to as “fault-based.” Some common issues that lead to this type of marriage breakup are substance addiction, adultery, and all forms of abuse. On the other hand, there are cases when neither spouse commits one of these offenses, but they have mutually agreed to end their marriage. Hence, this is considered a “no-fault” type of divorce.

When a couple separates, there is a division of liabilities and assets that require equal division. There are also the issue of custody and support of the child that must be agreed upon by the couple. These are issues that relate to the child’s medical care, insurance, and education, as well as the residence of the child. The court makes a final decision on these issues once the couple has settled on an agreement.

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